Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

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Mission Statement

Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue is dedicated to providing a sanctuary for unwanted, abused, neglected horses and to improve the relationship between horses and people.  We are committed to raising funds to support the rescued horses in our care and will pursue the acquisition of grants, gifts, bequests and donations to support the organization.  We are a no-kill rescue striving to promote humane treatment. Our goal is to properly unite humans and horses in a safe environment, using approved methods to preserve the best equine care through informative and instructional guidance, education and administration, adhering to the understanding of the need for the preservation of rural equine communities.  We are not breed specific and promise each of our horses will never again know the abuse, neglect, abandonment or other injury that brought them to our facilities.

Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue is proud to offer EAGALA,  Natural Lifemanship and E3A model Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), Trauma Focused EAP and Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Programs through EquiNorth, Inc. Our team is committed to working side by side with the horses we rescue to help change the lives of people with a diverse range of struggles such as those suffering with addictions, depression, grief and loss, trauma, at-risk youth and improving relationships in families and groups.


Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue


Executive Director

Deanna Mancuso

The founder of LOHR, Deanna Mancuso, is a well-established member of the local professional equine community.  Starting out as an exercise rider for various farms from Westchester to Columbia Counties, she successfully moved up to barn management, eventually transitioning to business-owner of Equine Escape Stable. Within a few years of opening Equine Escape, Deanna began to recognize a disturbing trend within the community.  She was receiving a growing number of inquiries regarding unwanted horses and how to report abuse and neglect.  This problem was only exacerbated by requests from the DCSPCA to foster seized horses which had begun to outnumber available spaces at their own facilities. Determined to be part of the solution, Deanna established Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue to offer permanent sanctuary to these otherwise unwanted, abused, or neglected animals, and provide them with a safe haven where they would never again experience the situations that led them to LOHR in the first place.

Property Manager

Erich Steffensen

Riding Instructor

Lindsey Stransky

Lindsey is the riding instructor at LOHR. At 12 years old, Lindsey was referred by a friend to join 4h and volunteer at LOHR in 2008. A few years later she began riding lessons, horse showing and practically living at the barn over the summers. During high school, she began teaching lessons to children and summer riding camp at LOHR. 


Lindsey went away to college at SUNY Morrisville where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Equine Science and Management with a specialization in western breaking and training. Soon after in 2018, she returned to LOHR to be hired as their riding instructor for lessons.


Through the years, Lindsey has worked for and trained under well known trainers in the equine industry ranging from working cow horses to Grand Prix show jumpers. Lindsey uses what she has learned from Deanna and many other trainers to establish well rounded riders in her lesson program and loves every minute of it!








Office Assistant

Faith Shultz

Stable Staff

Abigail Schroeder


Mental Health Professional

Linda Hicks

Linda Hicks is a Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist RN,MS,CNS for thirty  years. Working inpatient, outpatient and currently proud to be working with EquiNorth in their Equine Assisted Therapy Programs she has a wide range of experience in different therapeutic modalities.

 She has been organizing and leading workshops and seminars for over 15 years educating people on ways to have better health both  physically and emotionally. 

She is a mother of three , and loves to  volunteer her free time helping her community be a better place .  She is a lifetime Girl Scout, worked with her PTA for over 7 years and for the past two years has been dedicated to lending her hand to the horses at Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue.  She heard about them at a local Wine and Chocolate festival, attended the orientation and has fallen in love with both the horses and their mission of “People Helping Horses Heal People”.

Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue is a vehicle for her commitment and passion to help the world embrace the concept of wellness and prevention.


E3A Program Facilitator

Loren Seavers

Loren Seavers is an Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A) Certified Practitioner here at Lucky Orphans. Loren is Harmony Horse Handling Certified, CPR/First Aid/AED Certified, and has completed Positive Youth Development trainings. Loren graduated early from Purdue University Global with her Master of Science in Human Services, concentration in family and community services. Loren specializes in Case Management, working with children, adults, and families with chronic and/or acute medical and behavioral health concerns. Loren has several years of experience working with disabled adults, children in foster care, and youth in juvenile detention.

Loren has two children, her youngest expressed interest in horses at the age of two. After some research Loren came across the Pony Pals program at LOHR. Loren and her family attended Pony Pals regularly which increased interest, desire, and devotion to further their knowledge regarding the horses at LOHR and advance their roles to assist in the care of the horses. Loren and her family became dedicated volunteers in 2019 and are committed to the mission of “providing a sanctuary for unwanted, abused, neglected horses and to improve the relationship between horses and people”. You can find Loren and her family in various roles around the farm including Pony Pals, 4H, Riding, Equine Assisted Learning, and volunteering.   

Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

Board of Directors



Tara Dickett

Tara has worked for M&T Bank since 2001.  During her time with M&T, she has had the opportunity to work in different positions and branches throughout the Hudson Valley.  Tara is currently the Assistant Vice President and Senior Branch Manager in the Kingston M&T Branch.

With the help of M&T, Tara started volunteering; first at the United Way, serving on different committees and as a member of the Young Leaders United.  Tara also served as a board member of the Mid-Hudson Children's Museum.

Although Tara doesn't have horse experience, her love and respect for animals brought her to Lucky Orphans.  

Tara says, "the passion and dedication of this organization is something I had to be a part of."


Vice Chair


Brenda Lynch




Kim McNamee

Kim is certified with the Department of Criminal Justice Services and has extensive experience and training in the matters of animal welfare and animal cruelty, as well as business management.

Kim is currently working on her Veterinary Technician degree.

Kim's start in the non-profit sector was during her high school years when she interned for two summers as the business manager at a domestic violence shelter in Westchester County.  It was also during high school that Kim started riding horses as part of an after school riding program during a difficult part of her life. To her instructor's dismay, the comical connection she had with her horse lightened her heart and spirit at every lesson. "The mission of LOHR and the work they do is very important. It's not only for the animals, but also the people whose lives are impacted every day by the love of the horses and the healing programs that strengthen the connection with these majestic beings."

Animals have always been a very important part of Kim's life .She recognizes the unspoken bond and shared energy between people and animals. Kim continues to advocate for animals, educating people about laws pertaining to animals and humane animal care.  Kim and Deanna are working on improving animal cruelty laws in New York State.




Elsebeth Olsen






Board Member

Charlie Bilangino

Charlie graduated from New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, Long Island with a degree in Architectural Technology. After graduating, Charlie and a partner formed Roles Development Corp. for the purpose of building and development of residential homes.  Later, Charlie formed CGB Development Corp.  

Charlie has served on many committees in the communities he has worked in. Charlie has always believed it's not just building a house, but taking a person's idea and thoughts and turning them into reality, and helping the community grow. This is what led Charlie to Lucky Orphans. He is committed to help build LOHR,  to rescue horses from the life they were living, and to develop LOHR into a long lasting community center so all can benefit.




Board Member

George Decker

Board Member

Mark Katz

Mark has 25+ years of experience in IT/Operations in both FinTech and InsurTech. Mark has served as CIO for Financial Products and Services fo XL Capital and Global CIO for Syncora Guarantee, an IPO Carve-out bond insurance firm. Most recently, Mark was recruited to transform ASCAP's IT Department.  Mark holds Masters Degrees from Columbia University and The University of Chicago, and completed his undergraduate work at SUNY Binghamton. He is also a professional level pianist, and plays for charity. During one of these events, Mark met Carmella, one of Lucky Orphans' minis. "Once I found out about Lucky Orphans and the amazing work they do, I became passionate about the organization. These animals are rehabilitated and then the give back by working with individuals who need support, like children on the spectrum and veterans suffering with PTSD. The transformations are meaningful and significant.


Board Member

Eric Sutherland

Mr. Sutherland is a managing director and President of PIMCO Investments LLC. Her currently serves as a co-head of the New York office. He is also a member of Pimco's Global Wealth Management Operating Committee, Funds Oversight Committee, New Products Business Review Committee, and Chairman of the Intermediary Payments Committee.

Prior to joining PIMCO in 2011, he headed the U.S. Advisory distribution group and national accounts teams for all distribution at Allianz Global Investors. Previously, he was with Nuveen Investments for 15 years, Binswanger & Co. and Bankers Trust Company. He has 30 years of investment and financial services experience and holds an undergraduate degree from Bucknell University. He was an executive board member of the Money Management Institute and has served on its board for 10 years. Eric is also a member iof the ICI's sales force marketing committee. 

In 2006, Eric and his wife Celia were founding members of Providence Englewood Charter school in Chicago, IL. Eric has also been on the Hopes and Heroes annual dinner committee for three years, and regularly colunteers with Henry Street Settlement & Rooms to Read.

In 2018 Eric attended Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue's 10 year anniversary gala, quickly became aligned with their mission, and became a board member in 2019. 


Board Member

Jamie Vitiello

Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

Herd Healers

Danielle Molella

This past winter, deanna reached out to Danielle to tell her about an article she read about Bowen on horses in her Equine Wellness magazine! Deanna had met Danielle in 2005 and knew that she did Bowen on humans. As a result, they got together to try Bowen on a few of the horses that month. Danielle worked on Alley, Gizmo, and Tiara, and she was in love immediately! The horses were getting great results, and Danielle continued to come back every Monday since then to donate her time to the herd. 

Danielle was born and raised in the beautiful Hudson Valley. She attended both Syracuse University in upstate Ne York and Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA, where she earned a degree in Industrial Design. She ended up moving to the Pacific Northwest to continue working as a designer. While living in Seattle, WA in 2004, Danielle decided to get professional training in something that felt very natural to her. She studied to become a Licensed Massage Therapist and Professional Bowenwork Practitioner.

Since moving back to Millbrook in 2011, Danielle has expanded her knowledge of the body by taking advanced trained classes in Applied Myoskeletal Therapy, and the ARC Method, and is certified in the Zone Technique. Danielle practices healing work and is passionate about helping humans on their journey to physical and emotional healing.

For more information about Danielle's business visit Both Danielle and her son, Jackson, enjoy spending time with the horses and are so grateful for the connections they have made at the farm. Lucky Orphans truly is "People Helping Horses Heal People".